We have tried and tried to develop a website that allows you to look at all of our products. 
Being in an ever changing world, we found this to be difficult at best. 
We are not working in pink fuzzy slippers out of our basement. Nor are we some big corporation. Nope, we are just the best at what we do. Arrogant? Nope. Confident? Absolutely! If you're not happy, we will make it right. PERIOD!!
If you are interested in giving us a shot at your business, we will personally come out, shake your hand, introduce ourselves, take a long hard look at your needs and our solutions and come up with a game plan that will work for all involved. 
This is what we specialize in: 
  • Coin sorting machines
    • Machines that count and sort coin into drawers, bags or containers.
  • Coin counting machines
    • Designed to count just one              denomination at a time.
  • Currency counters
    • Piece counters, these do not give                you a value.
  • Currency discriminators
    • Discriminators will not only piece count,    but, they will also give you a value, sort       by denomination and orient the bills.
  • Lobby coin counters
    • Designed to be put in a lobby so your customers can count their own coin. 
  • Coin packagers
    • These will package one denom into                a bag or tube.
  • Document Folder
    • Does just that, folds documents.
  • Document Folder/Inserter
    • Not only folds documents, but, also inserts them into envelopes.
  • Document Folder/Sealer
    • Used with pressure activated glue, these   units fold the pre-glued document and then seals them shut. Typically used for checks.
  • MICR Encoders
    • These devices put the "MICR" numbers at    the bottom of checks. Primarily used in   banks, credit unions, etc...
  • Paper Shredders
    • Ummm, these shred paper. We also have  units to shred CD's, DVD's, credit cards.
  • Time Clocks
    • We have units that will stamp time and/or    date information onto forms as well as     payroll equipment (both computerized and stand-a-lone)
    Casino equipment:
  • Kiosk
    • For bill breaking, cashing tickets and      jackpot payout.
  • Currency Sorter
    • For all drop applications and cage scenarios.
  • Coin Processing
    • Sorters, packagers.
  • Software